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Square In A Circle

I like unique or interesting things. I like the non-norms and the weird. If I could, I would add them into my stash of the unusual. Like my book with the cover bounded upside-down or my bracelet of shells & corals I collected during my trips overseas.  

I like red lippies and hippy eyewears. I like the simplicity a red lip allows and the sophistication it adds to a look. I like the aloofness a cool eyewear gives off and the attraction it gathers from onlookers. I like that my lips feel untouchable with a red lipstick on and I like that my eyes are hidden behind a groovy shades.

I like a dress that hugs around my figure perfectly. I like the calmness in chaos. I like a dress that looks restrictive yet allows me to feel free. I like watching people walking and vehicles passing while I stand still. I guess you could say that I am a square peg in a round hole. A being that doesn't quite fit right yet I could still fit in.

Le Specs' Rudeboy Limited Edition - theWYLDshop
MinkPink's Take Me Dancing Dress - theWYLDshop

Photo taken by G with an iPhone.
theWYLDshop can be found at Clifford Centre #01-12B or online here.