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theWYLDshop Debut Fashion Show at f.Club Singapore

Last Thursday, with the hype of F1, theWYLDshop debuted their very first fashion show at f.Club Singapore featuring Actress Liv Lo, Singapore's Fashion Blogger Nellie Lim & Socialites Barbara & Tamy from Kala Club!

Armed with my iPhone 5s, my giraffe height and my sloth-like arms, here are some of the photos from that night:

Paint It Red's Righteous crop top & skirt

VAMA Style's Twisted by the pool paired with Paint It Red's Mystified Skirt

Paint It Red's Big Love Dress

Paint It Red's Spring Fling Dress

Mink Pink's Swim & Paint It Red's Righteous skirt

Mink Pink's Take me dancing LBD

Mink Pink's Citrus Flowers Pantsuit & Le Spec's Runaways Luxe

Staple the label's Cut out maxi dress

Mink Pink's Citrus flowers one-piece & Le Spec's Wildchild

Mink Pink's Powder Twin Set

Showcasing 8 Other Reasons' Vice Versa Necklace & Survivor Cuff

Paint it Red's Counting Star Dress

Loving this plait hairdo on Nellie Lim by Blow+Bar!

Paint it Red's Wrecking Ball Dress

Paint it Red's Paris Top & Hard Candy Skirt

Paint it Red's Inferno Dress

Liv Lo certainly did heat the stage up with her moves and personality!

And there you have it~ I know the quality of the photos are pretty meh... but it's an iPhone (it's the best it can do). For a clearer shots of all the the outfits and accessories showcased during the show, you can head over to theWYLDshop's facebook!

And if you want to shop and get stuff from the runway, head over here or pop by theWYLDshop's boutique at Clifford Centre #01-12B!