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Trick Eye Museum in Singapore

Bored with just meals and movie time with your family, friends or lover?
Well~ it's no secret that recently, there have been some new and interesting museums in Singapore~

Readers, Meet Trick Eye Museum~

Located at Waterfront @ RWS Sentosa,
it is just a 3 minutes walk away from the Walk-In gantry into Sentosa.

So What's Trick Eye Museum All About?

Through the use of optical illusions, three-dimensional paintings on the surfaces of the museum walls, floors and ceilings come alive. The museum offers various themed galleries where visitors are invited to take part and are more than welcome to explore with their eyes, hands and cameras too. Step inside the paintings and complete a visual narrative with your creative pose. Through the lens of your camera a surprisingly tricky story will unfold.

What Sort Of Themes Are There?

The Museum features 6 engaging and family based themes that will spark imagination and the love of art.

Be part of renowned Western masterpieces from French impressionist Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” to contemporary Scottish artist Jack Vettriano’s “The Singing Butler”. Touch these amazing creations, strike a pose, “interact” with the characters and become the subject of the paintings.

I most certainly did "interact" with the characters and was the subject of the paintings, alright~

Nowhere is safe in this virtual safari! Escape from a monstrous fish and hide from a giant venomous snake. Be as adventurous as you wish and be creative with your poses.

Got to make the illusion convincing with my hair too~

Here’s your chance to be the star at circus! Show off your balancing skills on the trunk of Jumbo the elephant or fly out in a puff of smoke as the human cannonball! You are the shining star at the Star of Circus.

I'm the Shining Star of Circus with that expression alright~

Fairy tales are not only meant for kids. Come and meet familiar characters such as the Three Musketeers and Puss in Boots. Enter the world of fairy tale and unleash the child in you.

I love this section, I got to live my mermaid fantasy again and be rescued by my "prince charming"~ 

Winter is finally here in Singapore! Ride on a witch’s broomstick and travel to winter wonderland. Don’t be afraid to step in to the frozen world as your friend the mammoth is there to help you. This chilly experience will make you forget all about the warmth outside.

This paparazzi statue kept making me feel like he is spying on us and the photo below, had me laughing while I took it because they were calling out to each other as they pose... Lol~

Now you can experience zero gravity right here on Earth! Take a ride on board the Trickeye spaceship and join the other astronauts. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures for evidence of your out-of-this-world experiences to show off to your friends and family.

The Good?

1) Something New and Interesting
I said it once, I will say it again~
New attractions are a must to go!

Trick Eye Museum opens all year round from 10am to 9pm, and it takes about 1.5hours to go through the whole museum.

Do take note of the New Queue System for weekends & public holidays here!

2) Fun and Creative
The more creative you are with the poses, the more fun you will have~
We were goofing around a lot, it's not hard to enjoy our time at the museum.

3) Illusions Are More Appealing To Try Out
When I was at Alive Museum, I skipped quite a few illusions because it didn't appeal much to me (Read about my Alive experience here). However, at Trick Eye Museum I would say that I tried out most of them with my brother and boyfriend.

The Bad?

1) Photo Point Icons
There are these icons on the floors throughout the museums that indicates the best spot to stand to capture the illusion of the masterpieces but I found that they were rather "off" for me to capture what I want with an iPhone.

In the end, I had to just neglect the icon and work out the best angle myself.

2) Location
It is quite a hassle to get to Sentosa and there is also that extra charge ($4 if you take the tram) to pass the gantry. We walked in, so it was only $1 (still manageable) and Museum from the gantry than from the Tram Station.

3) Obvious "Stand Here" Placement
Ok, this is a minor factor... But I was very annoyed that I was too tall to stand where as indicated and I find that it gives the illusion away. There are guiding illusion on the side of most artworks, I think the footprint indication should be removed.

4) Place For Bags
I would like to be able to go around the museum without carrying my bags along and placing them aside each time I want to take a photo with the artwork. It would be nice if there was a Baggage system as part of the service in Trick Eye Museum to make the experience more enjoyable for visitors.


And that's all from me in regards to Trick Eye Museum, this time round, I went with my brother and boyfriend. So, I guess it was much more enjoyable and easier for us to take photos of each artwork without asking others for help. It most certainly helped that we entered close to closing hours on a weekday, as I heard that the peak hours queue and crowd can dampen the experience.

If you are looking for something new and fun to do in Singapore, this is another place worth checking out.
Ticket prices and booking are available here, there is a 10% off discount if you purchase the ticket online.