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Look Of The Day: Seeing Red

I have been wanting to try out a red eye makeup look, ever since the Koreans made it popular.
To be honest, it is rather tricky to use red on the lids without ending up with a swollen or irritated eye look.
But, if the look is well balanced~ I think it looks sexy like the inspiration below!

So, here's my take on the red eye makeup look!


1. Start with a clean face. I prepped my skin with serum/moisturizer.

2. Start with a primer, here I used Essence Eyeshadow Primer.
You may use whatever eyeshadow primer you have.

3. With a red eyeliner, keep close to your lashes and line your upper lashline.
Extend the end with a little flick.
If you do not have an eyeliner in red, you may use a lipliner instead.
Here, I used Maybelline Auto Lip Liner in Raspberry.

4. Starting with a light pastel pink eyeshadow, pat this shade onto the inner corners of your eyes with a sponge tip applicator. Here, I used Sleek Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette (Ultra Matts V1 730).

*I find that a good sponge tip applicator helps to compact the shadow better than finger/brush.

5. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to soften the harsh edges out.
Here, I used 13RUSHES Angled Mini brush.

6. Continue to pat more of the light pastel pink eyeshadow onto the top lid.
This will set as the base and medium to blend out the redness of the makeup look later.

7. Next, with a bright pink eyeshadow, pat this shade onto the outer corners of your eyes following the natural shape of your eyes with a densed eyeshadow brush. Here, I used  Sleek Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette (Ultra Matts V1 730) and 13RUSHES Short Shader brush.

8. Use the fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the harsh edges out, blending it slightly beyond the socket line.

9. Here's the tricky part. Take the fluffy brush to the red liner that you have drawn and blend it.
Focusing on the outer corners, create am outer V.

10. Pat a little of the  light pastel pink eyeshadow onto the center of the lid.

11. Line the bottom 2/3 lashline with the bright pink eyeshadow.

12. With a brownish red eyeshadow, line the upper lashline and 1/3 of the bottom lashline.

And defined my eyebrows using a mixture of black and brown shadows from the  Sleek Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette (Ultra Matts V2 731) with  13RUSHES Short Shader brush.

Finally, curl your lashes and apply a few coats of mascara!
I used my favourite Shu Uemura's eyelash curler with K-Palette's Magic Fiber Mascara

This is the final look!

I hope you found this useful!
Feel free to share with me your makeup looks on Instagram with #Jodulu
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