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filteredSKIN: B5 Serum [Sponsored Reivew]

Ok, I am finally done with all of my 2014 posts and now, I can finally start on the stuff I have for 2015!

Today, I am going to review a product I got during the festive seasons from filteredSKIN.

filteredSKIN is a boutique skincare brand that offers handcrafted products made with safe, quality natural ingredients that are toxin and paraben-free. They use all natural ingredients sourced from nature and whenever possible, they always opt for organic ingredients.

Their trending product is none other than their B5 Serum, packed with Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid, filteredSKIN's B5 Serum is the ultimate hydrator that will leave your skin feeling supple and dewy.

A few drops of this serum is equivalent to a splash of water on your face, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized.

Both Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic acid are natural humectants meaning that they attract and retain water. Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule naturally present in our bodies and has the ability to retain 1000 times it's weight in water. Its molecule is larger in size so it doesn't absorb into your pores as quickly. Instead, it rests on top of the skin and absorbs slowly keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day.

To Use:
Apply 2-3 drops (or as needed) after cleansing while the skin is still damp.
Suitable for all skin type, but here are some usage suggestions for different skin types:

Normal- Daily AM and PM
Oily- Daily PM
Combination- Daily AM and/or PM as needed
Dry- Daily AM and PM

It's important to store this product in a cool, dark and dry place; preferably the humidity drawers in the fridge. If stored properly, product will last between 3-6 months.


Texture: Moisturizing, absorbs fast and dries off smooth
Smell: Has a plant like scent that I cant pinpoint

  • Extended hydration
  • Replenishes nutrients
  • Repairs tissues
  • Anti-aging
  • Non-toxic
  • Paraban free

Distilled water, dl Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Hyaluronic Acid, Leucidal Liquid (certified natural organic preservative)

*Note: Hyaluronic Acid is a non-toxic and all natural substance found in the body. Of course there is no natural human Hyaluronic Acid available for sale so the Hyaluronic Acid we use is created synthetically, but identical to the ones found in our bodies.

Cost: $29.95 + shipping cost

Product Rating: 10/10

I'm going to say it out now that I got nothing remotely negative to say about this product and my experience with it.

I have used this product for close to 3 weeks now and besides the instant and lasting hydrating effect this serum has on my skin, I am glad to say that there has been no negative side effects from the use of this. In fact, I find myself waking up to fresh looking skin every morning. This works well at calming down sunburns too.

I love that this product is handmade with love and the fact that they use natural and organic ingredients, and well, I love it when I look at the ingredient list and it is simple and chemicals I know of. It was also interesting to read up on the preservative used in this serum.

The price of this serum also made it affordable and the truth is this product simplifies my skincare routine a lot. It has just been cleanser, toner, serum and sunblock.