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Porcelain, The Face Spa: Pick Me Up Facial [Sponsored Review]

Hi Ladies!

I'm back with a review of one of the latest facial treatments I did in December, amidst my packed work schedule, at Porcelain, The Face Spa located at Orchard Gateway.

I did a quick research before I accepted their invitation to review their treatment and was impressed to note that they provide premium skin care solutions to make porcelain complexion a reality for its customers as well as offer highly personalized service.  With cutting-edge equipment and exclusive products, Porcelain uses safe, hygienic, effective and long-term problem skin treatment with an emphasis on deep cleansing to help achieve every customer’s skin care goals.

So it's with this claim in mind, I step into their spa and did a Pick Me Up Facial.

So what is this facial all about?

Pick Me Up is an express ‘lunchtime’ facial designed to rejuvenate the skin, provide hydration, and stimulate cellular repair and collagen production – all in 30 minutes. The antibacterial treatment also includes a custom LED light therapy (select from 6 colors for 6 benefits) and a relaxing shoulder massage.

Personally, I thought that given my hectic time schedule and stressful workload, this facial was the perfect pampering session for me.

So with a tired body, stressed out skin and overworked soul, I introduced myself and my Face spa journey began.


Registration & Introduction
So the first step is very standard, it involves filling up a form for your personal details. I thought that it was nice of them to offer me a drink while I was filling the form up because, I was really thirsty. After filling up the form, having a brief chat with the esthetician and signing a waiver of liabilities, she lead me to my room where I got changed into their gown before lying down on the bed.

Double Cleanse
Here at this step, the esthetician proceeded to remove my makeup with a makeup remover before doing a double cleanse with their in-house cleanser.

LED Light Therapy
After cleansing, I was placed under a LED lamp that has 6 different lights for different benefits. My esthetician selected red light for me; which is said to improve skin rejuvenation, anti aging and photo-damaged conditions as well as increasing cell activity, increase collagen and stabilize elastin proteins.

Mask & Shoulder Massage
After the light therapy, the esthetician proceeded to apply a cooling mask before giving me a much needed shoulder massage. Once that was done, she left me alone for the remaining period until it was time to remove the mask.

Signing Off /Next Appointment
After that, I got changed before heading out to sign off and make my next appointment.


Duration: Around 30 minutes.
I started at 7.30pm and ended at 8.10pm, but I attribute the extra 10 minutes to all the explaining that was done throughout.

Overall Ambiance: A fusion between a spa and a clinic. I love the quote on the wall outside, behind the counter and found the rooms to be very neat, clean and simple with a wall of mirror.

Suitable for:
  • Dull skin 
  • Tired, jet-lagged skin 
  • Sensitive skin 
  • Improve skin clarity 
  • Refine pores 
  • Brighten and smoother skin 
  • Removes dead skin cell and prevent build-up 
  • Anti-Bacterial 
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production
Cost: $80.25

Pick Me Up Facial does not include any extraction, and the results are all from the LED Light Therapy and mask, which is why this treatment is ideal as a quick refreshing treatment.

Result wise, during the facial, I couldn't tell any improvement at all despite my esthetician trying to point out the difference. It was only until I came home and took a closer look at the images that I noticed that in the Before shot, my skin was rather flushed and my blemishes looked really red but they looked all calmed down in the After.

There was also a reduction of blemishes a few days after treatment and I had relatively good skin for 3 days, and in my line of work where I do sweat and mingle with heaps of dust, that speaks volume. Hahaha! However, I will not go back for this treatment again because I require extractions and while a quick session is the only service I can squeeze into my work schedule for this period, I personally feel like there are other more effective treatments out there.

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