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Picasso Hair Studio: My Virgin Experience with Purple Hair [Sponsored Post]

Hi, peeps!
If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have known that I went purple!

Under harsh lights

It was a bold decision for me because I have a dad who is very strict when it comes to the colour of my hair. I was brought up with the notion that as an asian, I should be proud of my natural hair colour... and my dad always make comments like "If you ever come home with this kind of hair colour (especially blond), be prepared to wake up to a bald head".

So I had a very specific request to Jesly, the Creative Director of Picasso, I want colour but it has to look refined with a kick of character.


Picasso’s Welcome
Choose your drink from a selection of drinks and receive a warm hand towel with hand cream. I always stick to Ice Lemon Tea~ 

Understand your scalp and hair
Picasso's hair designers will do a quick diagnosis of your scalp and hair.
I was told that my hair is quite healthy but I needed to dedicate some effort in keeping them hydrated.

Understand your skin tone for the most appropriate hair color
Picasso's hair designers will analyze your skin tone to determine what shades of color will fit your skin tone. I have a neutral skin tone, meaning that my veins have both green and blue shades.

Design your hairstyle with Picasso's stylist
Picasso's hair designers will discuss and design a hairstyle for your according to you preference and lifestyle. So, I told Jesly my preference and she made a sketch of her plan.

Here's the plan of my new purple hairdo!
Transformation At Work
Work in Progress

Duration: 4 hours 46 mins
Sitting on the chair for hours made me feel like an evil minion. Haha!

With this being my second time at Picasso, I've got to say that their service standard is constant and even the female hair dresser that I wrote about in my first post (here) has improved. In fact, despite not being her client, she noticed a blob of hair dye on the side of my face and pointed it out to get it wiped off before it stains my skin purple. So~ Thumbs up for being so aware of my situation even though she was busy with her own client.

Estimated Price Range: $60 for Hair cut, $129 for highlights, $129 for colour, $89 for bleaching

Love how sublime the colour is!
Results: I had a trim and layers that removed most of the perm I had previously, by Jesly. For colour, I went with a deep purple and highlights that was more purplish than the rest of the colour.


I love how sublime the colour is in general, it is only when I'm under the sunlight or if there is  bright light source that the colours will reveal itself. In fact, my family didn't notice a change to my hair colour until they saw me in daylight! Hahahaha~ 

It took me 2 tries to get this colour because the first time round, it didn''t turn out the way Jesly wanted because my hair wasn't absorbing the colour. But I'm glad that she got it right on the second session.

A thing to take note if you are new to colours, is that the colour will fade over time and it will stain everything and anything if the hair isn't completely dry. Rain was my worst nightmare when I'm in a light colour top!
Before: Dark brown with perm
After: Deep purple with hints of red-purple and copper
Current Promotion:
Colour + Intensive Hair Treatment - $199
Cut + Intensive Hair Treatment - $149
Valid til the end of Feb 2016.

Location & Contact No.
39 Haji Lane
Tel: 6291 0691

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun, 11am to 9pm
For more information, head to Picasso Hair Salon!