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Japan IPL Express: Bye To Waxing Down Under? [Purchased Review]

I've starting waxing my lady bits area ever since I've been in the pageant industry, and have kept up with this grooming ritual ever since. There is something much tidier with a plain field than a bush.

However, after years of enduring the process of hair being ripped out, I find not only are my hairs as thick when growing out but the skin around the area has darken.

Furthermore, I was getting ingrown hairs and the occasional pimples... yes~ eww. I am only human.

So I decided that since I ended my waxing package a month ago, it's time to try out other hair removal alternatives. Having heard and read about Japan IPL Express from a fellow blogger, I decided to give it a shot and went to the branch at Holland Village for my very first Brazillian IPL experience.


1) Shave Off

Prior to the IPL session, you are required to shave the hairs off the areas that are your targeted areas for hair removal. There wasn't any information to highlight this on Japan IPL Express's website or FB, so I thought it will be good for me to point this out.

Please do not wax or pluck the hairs out as active hair follicles are required for this treatment.

If you find it hard to shave your lady bits on your own, fret not, Japan IPL Express therapist will assist you in the process. All you have to do is to buy a shaver from them and bring them along for future treatments.

2) Gel On

After shaving, the next step was the application of their cooling gel on my lady bits. This is to help cool the skin down during the zapping. I was told that for areas like the underarm or legs, the application of gel is not needed.

3) IPL Time

With that, the therapist started zapping away. It feels warm on contact, and I would rate the pain somewhere similar to an ant bits or a quick touch of something hot. 

4) Clean Up, Dress Up and Pay Up

After the treatment, the therapist will proceed to wipe the gel off and leave the room to allow me to change out of the blue robe given. And that was it, I proceed to make my payment and left.


Duration: Between 25 to 30 minutes (time includes shaving)

Overall Ambiance: A very clean simple room with a small area for your clothes, belongings and footwear.

The therapist who attended to me was alright, she explained the dos and don'ts pretty well and I wasn't pushed to pay for anything that I don't want. However, I was a little put off that I wasn't offered wipes to clean my lady bits before the process. While I did shower before heading over, I've done enough Brazillians to know the proper hygiene care needed... which makes me wonder about other customers and if there is any steps taken by Japan IPL Express to maintain the proper protocol for hygiene.

So far, it has 12 days since I did the Brazillian IPL and I'm going through the phase where the hairs are falling off. Having done IPL for my underarms before, I would rate the level of effectiveness a 8 out of 10.

Based on the number of fall outs I am experiencing with 1 session, I might just be hairless with 2-3 more treatments. And just for visual understanding, (and because I'm not going to show you my vjay-jay) I have drawn out roughly the Before/After with 53 zaps.

Price: $1.98 per shot, shaver is $1.98 too


I do have concerns with hygiene especially when the device does come into contact with very intimate bits. So, hopefully~ someone from Japan IPL Express can answer my question!

However, I think it's a good quick fix and the results are looking pretty good so far. I love the concept of just paying for what is used and the fact that the number of shots required will reduce with each treatment.


  1. hi! may i know how many shots are there when you did your IPL at your lady bits area?

    1. Hi, I had 53 shots. They are currently having a promotion for first time users, 20 free shots. I made used of that, and ended paying for 33 shots. Hope this helps!

    2. Hi Jody, you used 53 shots for your first session and the result was as your post above after 10 days. You were also saying that you need 2-3 more sessions so that means a total of 4 sessions, including your first. That would add up to about $400 (assuming $1.98 x 50 shots x 4 sessions). Would this be correct?

      I am trying to understand the costs associated with completely removing the hair down there for good. JIPL seems like a good deal for the costs involved.

    3. Hi, no worries~ I totally understand your concerns. I was taking the same issue into consideration too. To answer your question, I was told that it really varies with individuals on the amount of visits needed to be completely bald down under. Because everyone's hair growth, hair roots' depth and hair shaft's thickness varies, and all these factors affects the effectiveness.

  2. Hi, thanks for giving a very clear and not-subjective review. For most of sponsor review, I cannot find the truthfulness, except for yours. I notice that you did the first session in April. Until now propaly you have done second or third session (or not). If yes, may you give some more opinion on ipl in Japan IPL Express compared to those normal salon (where they usually sell packages) in term of cost and effectiveness. I am new to IPL, hence I would appreciate if you can share more about your IPL journey. Many thanks :)