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LUSH Aesthetics: AlmaLASE Laser Facial [Sponsored Review]

A week ago, I headed down to LUSH Aesthetics to get a quick facial treatment done. It's no secret that I dont have a "perfect' skin. So I was very curious about their AlmaLASE Laser Facial when I was told that the treatment would produce instant visible results.

This opportunity was just what I needed for my skin after traveling around for a month!
My biggest issues were my dull complexion and visible pores.

So how exactly does this AlmaLASE Laser Facial work?

Most commonly used for the pores, pimples and pigmentation, AlmaLASE utilizes micro beams of lasers along with an in-motion technology to eliminate signs of aging and imperfections (latest technology in Laser Face Rejuvenation). The AlmaLASE Laser Facial empowers dry-cleansing of the face without the fear of high costs, downtime and side effects.

This treatment targets various skin conditions and imperfections such as acne, open pores, pigmentation, brown spots, dull skin, aged skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It is stated that the core benefits of this treatment would be an immediate whitening, exuding radiance from the skin, lightening and improvements of imperfections of the skin.



As with anything when it comes to a facial, the first step would be to cleanse the skin. Using facial products from Korea, the aesthetician started by removing my makeup, cleansed my skin and did a gentle exfoliation with an enzyme peel gel.

Prepping The Skin

After cleansing, a layer of laser gel was applied onto my face. I was told that this will help to protect skin, it felt slightly cooling.

Laser Time

Once my skin was prepped, it was time for the main "event". The machine was set on the lowest for me because I have sensitive skin.

It felt slightly warm on contact (totally pain-free), and the aesthetician dragged the device 3 times down on each side of the face focusing on the nose and the cheeks the longest because those areas are my troubled zone compared to my chin and forehead.

Last Step

After the laser treatment, the aesthetician went ahead to clean off the protective gel, tone my skin and apply moisturizer and sunblock.


Duration: Between 15 to 20 minutes (It was 30mins for me because of all the phototaking)

Overall Ambiance: A mix between a clinic and a spa. The room that I was in for the treatment has a mini sink with large mirrors, which was great because I could slap on my makeup after the treatment before leaving.

Effectiveness: To be honest, when the aesthetician got me a mirror and was pointing out how my skin was more radiant after the treatment... I couldnt see any difference. It was only after I had a look at the photos that I could see it. The colour of my skin are different in the photo due to the lightning in the room, so ignore that. The thing I noticed was the size of my pores in these 2 photos. 

Close Up Photo Of My Right Cheek

Before the treatment, my pores were pretty obvious. After the treatment, even though you could still see my pores... they have reduced in size. The improvements are more evident as the days progress and after my skin has "healed". A week after treatment, I noticed that my skin has lesser breakouts and the texture is more refined.

This treatment is great because there is no adverse side effect after treatment, my skin looks and feels perfectly calm. There was no flaking or itchiness due to skin irritation which are common after chemical peels and other laser treatments.

It's a challenge to say with conviction that this AlmaLASE Laser Facial is the treatment to do to achieve those flawless skin that we all want because I only did one treatment, but I was told that this is the secret to the flawless skin of countless Korean Celebrities. If this is the slight improvement I got from just one session at its lowest mildest setting, I reckon overtime the results will be more significant if I continue with the treatment.
Photo taken after treatment, with eye makeup on only
Simply complete the form on their Promotional Page HERE with your preferred appointment date and time to register to try out AlmaLASE Laser Facial at a special rate of:

Only $25 For 1 Session OR $60 for 3 sessions of Laser Face Treatment 

One of the staff will give you a call over the next few days to confirm your appointment.

Terms & Conditions:

Valid Only For First Time Customers Age 21 and Above
Valid For Everyone Except Tourists
Only 1 Redemption Per Person 
Multiple purchases can be bought as gifts for family/friends 
Appointment Required