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Colourpop Cosmetics: Haul and Swatches

2 months ago, I chanced upon a makeup brand that is making all the beauty bloggers crazy~! Yup, I'm talking about COLOURPOP!

The best parts of this makeup range is not only the price (USD5 only!) but the fact that the products are very pigmented, 100% animal-friendly and most of them are vegan.

So, I decided that I need them and made my first purchase and here's my haul:

So as you can see, I got 3 eyeshadows and 2 lipsticks... and now, I'm going to make another purchase... but for now, here are the swatches!

Super Shock Shadows
All of their shadows have this very velvety texture to it and they are a dream to blend!
If you are new to eyeshadows and are horrible at blending, these babies are great to start your eyeshadow experience!

I also love that there is no fall out because of its texture and they don't crease! 

Here's the shadows on my lids:

Meet Bill a muted plum beige with a Matte Finish. 

Mid-toned candy coral pink with duo-chrome satin finish.

A light gunmetal doused with tons of pink, violet and silver glitter, leaving a super sparkly metallic finish. 

Lippie Stix

I love their lippies too, they come pretty pigments and leaves my lips moist.
Even the matte ones which I have, the only issue I have is that it makes the lines of my lips a little too obvious for my liking.

So I would recommend using a lip balm/ essence before application.

Here's the lippies on my lips:

Vivid true orange red in a matte finish.

A deepened blackened burgundy red in a matte finish aka “a sultry, fierce red for the world dominator.”

Thanks for stopping by, I'm going to shop for more!


  1. So excited to seecoloupop!!! Maybe I'll steal some for trials ;) hope to see you soon, wasn't feling too well. Xoxo michelle

    1. Hahahaha! Sure! If you want to buy some, now is the good time! Ship it to AU and I'll get my sis to bring back for you! Hahaha! Take care, see you soon!