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Brand Crush: TARTE Cosmetics ft.

Are you a lipstick/ lipgloss junkie & addict like me?

If you are, then you will totally get me in this post!

I have more than 20 lip products and the amount of it just keeps increasing that it feels like having 1 lip isn't enough! However, in my mini collection (I have girlfriends who have more than 100, so I have to be humble of my collection size haha) I noticed that while all of them are of a pretty shade, not all of them are "toxic" free.

There has been a growing number of reports on the harmful ingredients present in our lip products and I cringe at the thought of how I have been ingesting them through something I apply on my lips. Talk about dying for beauty!

So, that's why I have been on the search for safer alternatives that dont compromise on the quality and pigmentation of shades. And I'm glad that I dont have to look far because TARTE Cosmetics offers heaps of gorgeous lippies!

They have a range of lip balms to lip tints (which is all the rage now) to lipglosses and lipsticks. And just looking at that packaging and floral prints, I am totally in love that their lipsticks come in a unique, chic, eco-friendly packaging with all these specially-designed prints! My weakness is pretty packaging like that (typically huh~ Even though I know it's all part of marketing), things like that just makes me want to collect them all~ Haha!

 But the main thing that I love about TARTE Cosmetics is that all of Tarte's products are formulated without any of the icky stuff like SLS, Triclosan and even parabens which is just awesome! So, TARTE Cosmetics has my tick of approval and looks like some of these babies will be joining my makeup collection soon!

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  1. I'm ok with mineral oil but triclosan is terrible for the environment. So yay? :)

    1. Haha, more or less~ It's good that they dont have the more common harmful ingredients~