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Nail Deck: The Perfect Gift for Nail Addicts [Editorial Post]

Last month, I was introduced to a service that made a Nail Addict like me very excited because not only was it a service that removes the headache of searching for my perfect nail colour... it is also great as a gift idea for my fellow nail addict friends!
Just imagine having a colour you want in mind for yourself and not having to go up and down shelves of ready made lacquer in stores, but just straight to a place where they will make the dream shade you want to your satisfaction.

Now imagine being totally clueless as to what to get for your girlfriend or lady friends, but you can bring them to a place where not only will you have fun suggesting a nail polish shade for them but also have a hand in creating something memorable for them through the experience itself.


Nail Deck’s latest offering, Lacquer Bar, where you can watch and have your perfect nail colour be mixed by hand, bottled up in the size you want (5ml or 10ml) and labelled instantly!

Although, please note that only creme shades are available at the moment, shimmer and glitter will be available in the near future!


Step 1: Your Perfect Shade

These are the shades I selected
from my mermaid photo!

Testing out how my 1st shade looks
The experience begins with a one-on-one consultation with the colourist who will walk you
through the entire process. Then using a spectrometer, a device that analyses colour, you get to pick out the desired colour
from an inspired item or inspired  photo provided.


Alternatively, you can also choose the colours you want with Nail Deck's App on your phone. Play around with their colour wheel, or pick up the shade with the app's function of your photo library, and test out the shade on the app.

Step 2: Colour Testing

Once at the Lacquer Bar,  the colourist will use an in-house algorithm to convert the digital colour to a formula. From there, chemistry laboratory equipment will accurately blend the colours, creating sample amounts for you to try on under 2 different types of lights (White & Warm) to help you achieve the maximum accuracy!

This process takes time and it is highly dependent on how many shades you intend to have, as well as the shades you want to achieve. With 5 shades to create, my customisation process took more than an hour to create and perfect. I was really impressed by how patient my colourist was with my request and the dedication he has to this craft. 

These adjustments were then made to the hue and the final colours were only bottled when I was satisfied via the very skilful hand-pouring technique into the 10ml bottles (customer have the choice of 5ml for $11 or 10ml for $16).

Step 3: Give It A Name

Yup, the customisation doesn't just end with creating the colours! You get to name the colours you created! I named my colours based on my mermaid journey since the shades were all inspired by this photo!

I named my shades: Detachment, Blushing Honesty, Mahina, Sunset Rays and Seafoam! 

 Final Step: Boxing it up

I call my collection: The Beginning By Jodulu X Nail Deck
Shades in the sample glass (Left to Right): Seafoam, Sunset Rays, Blushing Honesty, Mahina, Detachment
And to end things off, I got to box my lovely creation up!
Now, don't you think this makes the perfect gift for someone who loves collecting nail polishes and doing their own nails!!!


Vivo City #02-227
NO.1 Harbour Front Walk
Singapore 098585

Opening Hours

Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
11AM to 7PM


Now until the end of December 2016

This post has been brought to you by Nail Deck's Lacquer Bar, Singapore's First Bespoke Nail Lacquer Service.