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influr: Marriott Hotel Pool Grill & LANEIGE'S new concept BB Cushion

Marriott Hotel Pool Terrace Pavilion & Pool Grill

Last week, I spent the evening at Mariott Hotel Pool Terrace Pavilion at Pool Grill with the people from influr & a whole community of bloggers to find out more about making our influences on the social platform work hard for us, and reap in benefits.

The event was held under a pavilion near the pool (exactly where I was standing to take the photo above) and I got to admit that the view itself is amazing~!

We had finger food for the event and these are my favourites!
I love seafood and so, I'm naturally biased here.

Something so simple yet really yummy, was this with jam and cheese on a mini toast (?)!

And everyone's favourite: Macaroons!

The best thing of all was the service of their staff~
(Because Imma hungry monster) I jokingly told one of the guy to come to us whenever he serves the food and he really did! All I need to do was to stand there and the food comes waltzing towards me.

Thumbs Up animated GIF


So what exactly is influr all about?
Clara, Co-founder & CEO on influr, started the presentation with this video

To be honest, I didnt comprehend what influr was from this video but, it did one thing to me...

It made me curious.

Clara later revealed that that is the intention of the video.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.- Walt Disney

The purpose of influr is to bridge between influencers among influencers, 
and influencers to businesses.

For now, all you need to have to be part of the influr's community is to have either:
Twitter, and/ or

As you create content on these social media platform, generally your friends or followers will applaud you with actions (follow/comment/like) on social media, you are motivated to do better & to share more.

influr is here to turn that applause into actual rewards, because to create the best, you need to feel the best!

Your influence will give you access to Treats (influr’s signature rewards program) from your favorite brands. And if you are truly influential, you may even get selected to become a Brand Advocate of our partners through Assignments (influr’s brand campaigns).

Which means that the more we share, the more we have!!!

SO now, it's not just gushing over a new follower...

black and white animated GIF

You can get rewarded for something as simple as a view of your post, a thumbs up or a comment from your friends/family/fans!

What sort of rewards will you get?

The treats ranges from tickets to festival, to products at a discounted price, to discounted price for buffet meals at 5 Star Rated Hotels!


Jump to to be part of influr now, and start sharing your social interaction with your network!


LANEIGE'S new concept BB Cushion

As part of the invitees to influr's event, we got to take home with us a brand new Laneige BB Cushion to try out!


Texture: Slight cooling effect upon application, doesnt feel oily

Benefits: Whitening; Moisturizing; Sunscreen; Water resistant; Soothing; Makeup Effects

Smell: It smells quite similar to Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Product Rating: 9/10

I have a combination skin, oily and sensitive. I used to have really bad experience with BB creams and I generally do not like using them. I tend to find them a little too sticky, oily for my skin and it gives off this shiny appearance that makes my face looks way too oily for my liking.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that with this new concept BB Cushion, it goes off the right amount of glow to my skin that sounds "radiant skin" rather than "oily face"! 

I like that the coverage is also buildable without caking, and it evens out my skin tone and blemishes pretty well. Best of all, I love that it has a high SPF and PA ratings! 

The only thing I didnt like about using a product like this is the hygiene factor... Due to my sensitive skin, it bugs me a little to imagine bacteria breeding on the product. Unlike a face powder that is dry, this is moist (good breeding ground for nasty bacteria) and it doesnt seem to mention anything in the product that it is anti-bacterial or etc(Will have to research on the ingredients used). So, I only use this on a clean skin and for the rest of the day, I touch up with a powder. It is also good to wash the sponge frequently! I guess they anticipated this issue, so it's good to know that the refill pack comes with a clean new sponge too!

Really glad to receive LANEIGE'S new concept BB Cushion, now it is one of my products to use when I head outdoor!

Product used:

Face: Laneige BB Cushion in No.21 Natural Beige
Cheeks: 3CE Cream Blush in Pink One Piece
Eyebrows: Shu Uemura Eyebrow Liner in Brown
Lips: Shu Uemura Lip Gloss in PK 30 S

Dont forget to check influr!