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GlamPalm: Creating curls with GP501

Hey hey,
I've got an interesting product to share with all of you today!

Are you like me, a noob at styling your hair, and yet you want to be able to learn and style-it-yourself? Well~ Recently, I was introduced to a hair styler iron that claims to utilise the technology of healing stone ores to not only protect the hair from damage, but it also emits molecules found in nature that provides exceptional therapeutic benefits to its users!

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So, the process of finding out which GlamPalm Hair Styler is for you is really easy.
Simply head over to their Styler Guide to figure out which model of their Hair Styler is suitable for you based on your hair type, length and styling preference! 

Personally, my hair is normal and long, and I wanted something that can curl and straighten my hair with. So, the model GP501 suits my criteria the best and that's what I got!

The GP501 Hair Styler comes in a pretty black box, along with a luxury travel pouch (that can also be used a as clutch) and 2 sectioning clips. 

And here's a close up image of my GP501:

So what are the Unique Features of GlamPalm Hair Styler?

  • It comes with a protector cover that can be used to keep the iron clamped shut to store aside after use without burning the cover or its surrounding.
  • It has groves at its tip for users to grab onto, especially during the process of curling that hair.
  • Its ceramic plates are infused with the technology of Healing Stone Ores that emits therapeutic molecules that are also found in nature and prevents hair damage while making the hair softer and glossier.
  • It has a 360 degree swivel cord that prevents users from being tangled up in wires and damage to the cord from prolong usage as the cord rotates as users twist and turn the styler around.

How does GP501 operate?

  • It has a simple straight forward On/Off switch.
  • It has 11 different heat settings ranging from 100°C to 200°C.
  • It takes a maximum of 15 seconds for the iron to heat up.
Note: Under the Styler Guide page, there is also a guide to advice upon the heat setting for different type of hairstyles for different type of hair.

Personally, I stick between 150°C to 180°C to style my hair. I find that it's more manageable to work between these heat setting as I tend to go over the same section twice or more (because I'm still getting a hang on this). Anything higher and the style is harder to correct after.

How to use GP501 to create curls?

Watch this quick video of mine:


  • Be mindful of how you part your hair and the overall direction of how you curl as this will determine the end result. 
  • I found that it is easier to curl and manage the hair when working with smaller section, it also helps to run the iron down the section of the hair slowly for better result.
  • I will admit now that it takes a few trials to get used to the steps and the movements, so practice makes perfect!

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This tutorial has been brought to you by, the pioneer in hair styling industry, with the sponsorship of this GP501 Hair Styler used in this post.